Specialists in research, development and manufacturing of technologies and solutions in 
Counter UAV systems, Smart Perimeter Surveillance, Aerial Surveillance and Aviation Security

Sky Patriot system

We manufacture a complete UAV detection solution combining surveillance, detection, location and tracking capabilities. We use ultra-high definition (UHD) cameras to achieve up to 2 km range detection (DJI Phantom) and area coverage up to 360º (by connecting multiple UHD cameras).

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Video Analytics software

Video Analytics software that uses captured video to perform a wide range of automated tasks in real-time, including automatic detection of moving objects, automatic classification of objects (e.g., drone type, person, aircraft), automatic tracking and location. Our video analytics can run on platforms that are fixed or moving.

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Our Technical Expertise

Video analytics technologies for detection, tracking and classification for security purposes.
Manufacturer of security solutions using highly automated video analytics technologies.


Our products and solutions are especially fit for airport security, critical infrastructure security, perimeter security and law-enforcement agencies. In our business relations, we work with solution providers (security companies and UAS operators) and have OEM agreements with large manufacturers.

Our company has extensive expertise in hardware and software development, as well as system integration of solutions meeting a customer’s specific needs and requirements.

Research and development

We strongly invest in research and development activities. We have a proven track record in successfully transfer knowledge and technology from academia and laboratories into innovations and market.

RNC Avionics is an active member of EUROCAE WG-72 (Aeronautical Information Systems’ Security), WG-73 (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) and WG-82 (Airport Data Link System (AeroMAX)).

Our mission

Our mission is to make our technology and solutions an asset
for our customers operating in critical real-time safety and security missions.

RNC Avionics is an ISO 9001:2015  and an ISO 27001:2013 Certified Company that has a good understanding of both military and civilian standards.
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