RNC Avionics strongly invests in Research and Development as a mechanism to bring new and potentially market disruptive products, as well as to reinforce the company’s intellectual property.

We adopt the open innovation paradigm and work closely with an extensive network of recognised leading experts, including universities, research laboratories and international study groups. Over the past years, we invested more than £1 million in R&D activities.  Our expertise and competences were recognised in several grants awarded by UK and European bodies.


Funded by the Growing Autonomous Mission Management Applications (GAMMA) Programme, EAGLE-WATCH aim was to develop an advanced on-board video processing and information extraction system for UAVs that uses collected raw video data from the UAV's optical camera sensor (during UAV flight) in order to automatically detect, identify and track objects of interest (OoI), as well as extract position and motion data from them. Exploratory work was also conducted on rich feature extraction (e.g. the calculation of position and motion data of the OoIs). Within the scope of this project, EAGLE-WATCH OoIs was limited to ground vehicles (e.g. trucks and cars) captured during daylight.  The following images illustrate two proposed use-cases for EAGLE-WATCH.

eagle watch img

A key objective of this project consisted in improving operational efficiency by assisting operators in the detection and tracking process (using automated features) thus allowing them to focus on more value-added activities, namely supervision and decision-making.

EAGLE-WATCH presents a high potential market value, applicable to the security market, including border protection (e.g. area surveillance and identification of anomalous activity), urban security (e.g. tracking cars or groups of protesters, detection of incidents, collection of video footage with augmented data), force protection and critical infrastructure protection (e.g., perimeter surveillance and intrusion detection).

Funded by the Growing Autonomous Mission Management Applications (GAMMA) Programme, RNC Avionics led and executed the work over 9 months in collaboration with BAE Systems, University of Liverpool and University of Manchester. It was successfully completed in 2015.


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