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RNC Avionics at the Commercial UAV Show

RNC Avionics, a leading provider of innovative solutions for aviation security, announced that they successfully participated in the Commercial UAV Show in London, where it launched two new products; the R1000 HD COFDM system and the eyeQuad UAV camera. The R1000 HD COFDM system is a powerful solution for applications requiring high quality wireless transmission of high-definition video, audio and data ( The eyeQuad UAV camera is an advanced surveillance product featuring four independent sensors, offering 4 different levels of zoom ( During the show, RNC Avionics presented its DENI project; a system which is capable of detecting, neutralising and investigating UAV threats. RNC Avionics also presented its EU Gamma project; a state-of-the-art solution for aviation security. RNC Avionics is also pleased to announce that significant interest was shown to its products from visitors from all around the world, which led to new deals. RNC Avionics’ CEO Professor Garik Markarian stated: "The Commercial UAV Show has been a big success for RNC Avionics and we are very impressed and satisfied with the feedback received from the visitors to our stand. The show was an excellent opportunity for RNC Avionics to forge strong relationships with UAV."    
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